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Below is the general "whitelist" and settings information for 20/20 Insight & WebResponse.

Most of the time, 20/20 Insight works "out-of-the-box". In some cases, strict firewalls email spam settings or other security may interfere with an Administrator's or Participant's access to the complete program or send invitations. These settings are provided to prevent such problems.

 Reviewing and implementing these settings before the launch of a survey will allow easier access for 20/20 Insight Administrators to create and test survey and send email invitations. Implementation will also make it easier for Participants to receive emails and complete surveys.

 Security settings change all the time, so it is always a good idea to provide the information in this document to your Participant's IT Department well before launching a survey.

To download a copy to forward to an IT Department CLICK HERE.

When contacting your client's I.T. department, please include the email address that you intend to use for sending invitations to Respondents and Subjects.


20/20 Insight is comprised of a Desktop component and a web-based component: WebResponse. Surveys are created in the desktop component and then uploaded to the web-based component. The web-based component then presents the surveys to participants, collects the responses and synchronizes the data back to the desktop component, where results are compiled .

1. Connectivity:

WebResponse is a web-based application and requires a reliable internet connection. Some survey administration is also completed online and Subjects and Respondents also use WebResponse for completing rater assignments & surveys.

An unreliable or slow internet connection can affect connecting to WebResponse. Wireless connections can be unreliable.

Please recommend accessing WebResponse from a LAN-based connection.

2. Browser, Firewall & Server Settings:


Supported Browsers: (No additional ActiveX or plug-ins or extensions required.

  • Internet Explorer 5 and higher
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Browser Settings:

Please add “https://www.2020insight.net” as a trusted site to the browser’s Security and Privacy settings.

  • Please make sure “Session Cookies” are enabled on computers to be used by the 20/20 Insight Administrator, Subjects (Ratees) and Respondents (Raters).

  • (NOTE: Cookies are used by WebResponse during Project surveys and Administrative sessions to provide continuity for users over several pages of a survey.)

Local Firewall Settings:

If there is a local firewall installed:

  • Please add "2020insight.net" to the "whitelist" of any local firewalls.
  •  The firewall will need to allow "Insight.exe" and "Project.exe" access to the internet. (These files are found in the "Insight4" folder.)
  •  In particular, the programs "Insight.exe" and "Project.exe" will need to access "https://www.2020insight.net/"

I.T. Department’s Server and Firewall:

  • If the I.T. department employs a Proxy Server, please allow users access to "2020insight.net"
  • If I.T.'s firewall or ISA Server Firewall is set to cache websites, please disable caching for "2020insight.net"
  • If the I.T. department employs a firewall that interferes with cookies or blocks sites, please have them list "2020insight.net" as a friendly site .

The 20/20 Insight Administrator will need to be able access:



https://www.2020insight.net/wh41   or

Survey Subjects (Ratees) and Respondents (Raters) will need to access a site very similar to:

https://www.2020insight.net/wh41/s/login.asp?project=45551    and/or

3. Respondent Email Settings:

Emails are sent from the mail.2020insight.net server, and use the 20/20 Insight Administrator's name and email address as the “From” address. This usually allows the Administrator to receive email address bounces, out-of-office replies, etc. In some cases the email invitations may be falsely identified as spam or spoofing.

In the case of large surveys when many invitations are sent at once, the emails may be falsely identified as "bulk" emails.

In all these cases, the clients email server may "bounce" the emails stating that it will not accept bulk or spoofed emails. In addition, the server may reject the email altogether without any warning, or the server may say that there is no such email address.

To prevent this, please "Whitelist" our Domain and IP address:

The PSS mail domain:


The PSS e-mail server IP addresses:

Please also whitelist our domain & server information in any other email spam prevention systems you may have implemented, such as "Barracuda Networks Spam Firewall" or other similar products. (Specific instructions for "Barracuda Networks Spam Firewall" please download  the full "20/20 Insight GOLD 4.0 and WebResponse Whitelist & Settings" document from the link below.)

If you use callout, or "sender address verification" (SAV) services, like "backscatterer.org", "Sendio" or NetWin's "Surgemail Allow Mechanism", please bypass our domain within their settings.

Please exclude our domain & server IP from list checking services like "Spam Cannibal" or others.

After you have whitelisted our information, a test email can be generated by your 20/20 Insight Administrator using any project and the "Test Subject".

To download a copy of the 20/20 Insight GOLD 4.0 and WebResponse Whitelist & Settings, please  CLICK HERE.

If you need assistance when installing or using the program, please contact technical support Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm ET:

800-488-6463 ext.1
757-873-3700 ext.1


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