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You may have had a performance evaluation or feedback about how you do your job. Or you may have noticed that something you're doing has been causing difficulties. Use this tool to explore what may be causing the issue.

In the space below, enter a phrase beginning with an action verb that describes the performance, skill or behavior you'd like to work on. For example: “Listens without interrupting.”
Keeping this area of performance in mind, indicate the level of your agreement with ALL SIXTEEN possible reasons for the potential problem. When finished, click "SAVE RESPONSES" to view Report #1, Report #2 and Report #3.

 SA Strongly Agree
 A Agree
 N Neither Agree Nor Disagree
 D Disagree
 SD Strongly Disagree
1. I don’t understand the basic principle or concept for doing this well.
2. I haven’t observed others doing this well.
3. I haven’t learned how to do this.
4. I know how, but I don't always do it well.
5. I don't particularly like doing this.
6. I haven't made a commitment to doing this well.
7. I haven't felt the motivation to do this well.
8. It’s not my routine, habit or style to focus on doing this.
9. Doing this well isn't one of my major responsibilities.
10. I’m not receiving the backing I need to do this well.
11. I don't have the resources I need to do this well.
12. Where I work, there are obstacles to doing it well.
13. I haven’t had feedback about this before.
14. I didn’t know that doing this was expected of me.
15. I didn’t know that anyone had a problem with my way of doing this.
16. I don’t know why my way of doing this is causing problems.

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